If your sink or tub is draining much slower than it usually does or it’s not draining at all, then there’s big possibility that your drain is either damaged or clogged. Fortunately, professional plumbing service providers can be able to help you unclog your drain, and they can also help you clean the drain in your bathroom or kitchen, as well as your basement drain.  


However, there are also some simplest steps that can sometimes help you clear your clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Continue reading below to find out how. 

Clearing a Clogged Drain with the Use of Cleaning Solutions 

Each time you see standing water in your sink, you can attack the clog using a sink plunger. Make sure to fit the cup of your plunger over the drain as well as plug the hole’s overflow with a finger. You can then plunge the drain with four or five fast thrusts at a time. You can repeat the process many times. After that, you will certainly notice that your sink will drain fast if you are able to successfully clear your drain’s clog.  

After that, try to find the right cleaning solution that you have around your home. As a matter of fact, vinegar works really well for clearing any clogged drain, so does the lemon juice. Borax, salt, and soda can also be mixed in so that you’ll have extra potency with the other liquid ingredients. The moment you have already decided on what cleaning solution you should use, like either lemon juice or vinegar as well as one of the dry power ingredients, you can then put on an eye protection as well as start pouring the baking soda, salt, or borax down the drain. Around half cup of this will do. There is no need to mix the power ingredients with the lemon juice or vinegar since the two ingredients will quickly react with the foaming action when they will come in contact. This chemical reaction will actually help in dissolving a lot of normal drain clogs. It’s important that you cover the drain using a clean piece of cloth for around fifteen to thirty minutes and during that time, the solution must start to loosen or dissolve the clog. You can then repeat the process one more time since this can help a lot in clearing simple drain clogs. 

 Clearing a Clogged Drain with the Use of Household Items and a Plunger 

If the remedy above fails to work, then consider getting your sink plunger out once more as well as form a quite tighter seal right around the opening of the drain. Once again, you can use a finger in order to cover the hole’s overflow, and start plunging in order to dislocate the clog that has been weakened. And, for more effective and efficient plunging, you can fill the sink or tub with hot water in order to increase the clog’s pressure.  

If none of these methods work, then it is best that you consider hiring professional Burlington drain cleaning services.