If you want to maximize the good sides of your business, it is so important to entrust the accounting, which is a significant department of your company, to professionals. Your finances are one of the building blocks of your business that’s why it is recommended that you hire experts to manage it well for you. There are lots of large and small business accounting Fort Saskatewan AB firms that impressed and attracted a lot of clients in the past years. To avoid confusion from the variety of options, here is the list of the questions you should ask before choosing the accounting firm to hire. 

Accounting Firm

How long have you been in business? 

Long years of being in the industry mean a lot of clients have trusted a certain company. It is one of the biggest proofs that your potential accounting firm has attracted numerous projects from their past customers for all those years. Also, having the opportunity to give their service to the massive pool of customers means they are known for providing high-quality counting job. 

Are you licensed and registered with our state? 

To acquire the assurance of a high quality of service, a license is still an important factor in deciding what accounting company to hire. Aside from being on the side of legality, which should always be the case, hire a licensed company to ensure your company’s safety and protection.  

A license is also the way of confirmation that your prospective accounting firm has undergone all the complicated paper works and various training to get their credentials. 

How many accounting projects have you done in the past year? 

The answer to this question will be the basis of how accustomed the company’s employees are in different accounting tasks. If they have a long list of clients within the past 12 months, there is a high possibility that they have mastered the art and skills of doing the job more efficiently. 

May I have a list of references? 

Ask for names and contact numbers of their former clients for reference. If they refuse to give you a list, move on and find another company to do the job for you. 

If however, they gave you a list of their past clients, call these people and ask them for opinions and thoughts regarding the service that they received.  

What are the ranges of services that you offer? 

Be knowledgeable about services that your prospective accounting company offers. A lot of professional firms provide all the significant services such as helping you with your taxes, payrolls, and bookkeeping. It will be so much better to opt for these companies so you don’t have to hire more than one accounting firm.  

What technological advancements do you have? 

Being advanced in the field of technology has high significance nowadays. You don’t want to experience some data issues such as losing your files due to the crappy computer of the firm that you will hire. I also know that you certainly would not want to experience late transactions of records and reports due to issues such as weak internet connection. Without being on par with the modern advancements of the industry, an accounting firm cannot provide you efficient and effective service. 

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