An HVAC system does two things. It heats up and cools down your home. Both are processes that require a great amount of energy to perform. But if you compare heating to cooling, the former uses up more energy than the latter. So, the answer to that question is yes. Heating homes are more expensive than cooling them.

Heating takes up three times energy needed to cool a home. So, if you live in colder parts of the country, then you’re expected to pay more on your energy bills. There are different ways to heat a home and from all your options, using an electric heat pump proves to be the one that consumes energy the least.

An Efficient Way to Heat Your Home

If you’re looking to replace your heating system, do consider using an electric heat pump if electrical power costs less than oil or gas in your area. Using heat pumps allows you to save more money during the winter season. Many homeowners say that they were able to save hundreds of dollars every year in energy consumption after making the switch.

But then, there are many ways to stay warm without replacing and system or changing any part. For the most part, setting the thermostat to auto can do so much. Frequently adjusting the thermostat triggers the system to work harder to meet the adjusted value. Of course, you can also do the usual stuff like turning off heat when you leave the home.

Natural Ways to Heat Homes

The use of fireplaces is still a great way to take advantage of natural heating to keep your home warm. Just don’t forget to prepare your fireplace for the next season so it won’t cause any problem when you need your home cooled down instead of heating up. Then there’s also the practice of always opening up your shades during sunny days to invite warmer air in. That should help your heating system if it needs to run the following day.

Try to use the heater only when necessary. Assess the temperature inside your home before you turn on the heater. Unless the day becomes unbearable cold for your comfort, try to go for hours before turning the heater on.

Get Your HVAC System Assessed

Professional assessment is necessary if you really want to save on heating. Insulating your home is necessary so there aren’t any leaks where the heated air could escape and cold air could enter. Some homeowners go to the lengths of installing infrared cameras and blower doors. While they may do cost some, the investment is usually worth it.

Hire an HVAC company that you can trust with your Loudon heating and air conditioning needs. Be sure that you get references from them and do some background checks. Doing so protects your interest as a homeowner. You already know that the heating system may cost so much and that’s why there are a few unscrupulous individuals who are ready to prey on some unsuspecting homeowners.