Doing a party and wanting your party to be different from the others, this type of inflatable party will surely exceed your expectation if you haven’t thought of it yet. This is not a common party that you will ever plan and host for and we can assure you that everyone can have fun if you wanted to do this party. In this article you will know that different theme or activities that you wanted to do with this inflatable party since you can bring it everywhere you wanted. You can install it anywhere you wanted so, it is not hard for you to decided where you really wanted to put and place the inflatable building you have.

If you just need to rent an inflatable rental build for a day or a week the Detroit inflatable rentals are happy to help you with that. They have different options and they will help you look for the situation of the inflatable building as the party is ongoing. You can hire them if you wanted to keep track of the things that is needed to look for in terms of take care of the inflatable building. You can make sure that they are experts in installing and making everyone safe if they wanted to use and play in the inflatable.


You can make it as a sport party with the proper inflatable build you wanted to have or choose from. Everyone can be competitive to win each sport that you plan to have using the inflatable. There is this inflatable obstacle course that you wanted to rent or buy that has a lot of obstacle that your guests wanted to pass through. Being competitive is not bad if it is only for fun and it will make sure that your guests will have fun too.

Castle for the Kids

Yes, there are castle inflatable that your kids and the children can have fun with. That is why it is a recommendable if you wanted to have party and an inflatable castle is a must if your kids are into fairytales. They can have their own castle that they see in the movies or their favorite fairytales and they will surely have fun being in it. You can guide them and you can play with them too if you wanted to participate with their fun, so what are you waiting for?

Slides and Party house

You can have a party house inside the inflatable that you rent or you buy. You can make it as a theme for everyone who wanted to come to your party. You can also install it in your pool so that you will be able to have fun staying in here and have an activity using the inflatable. This type of party will be memorable for you and your guest so make fun and enjoy every second of it, capture each moment using recorders or you can hire a photographer to make sure not to miss anything.