For a complete laminate installation, most homeowners spend between $1,500 and $5,000. But how is that?price range determined? Usually, flooring installers measure the area of the room to determine how much materials are needed to get the work done. There are a lot of?variables affecting the?price of laminate flooring installation, and these are the ones that you should seriously?consider. 


Most individuals get?confused with hardwood and laminate?floors. Laminate floors are, in fact, engineered?from pressed hardwood floors. Typically, they undergo a special?manufacturing process where the wooden blocks are?compressed?to form separate panels. The panels are placed on top of the?surface, thus?giving the floor a?distinctively smooth feel. That’s also the reason why it’s called?floating floors. Laminate wood?floors are tough yet?affordable, which is why it is highly recommended for homes. 

Factors that Affect Laminate Flooring Installation 

There are a lot of reasons why people would rather install laminate floors than any other option. Price is the most common one, as these floors are quite affordable. However, the total price of your laminate flooring installation project will depend on the following variables: 

  1. Total area 

The larger the area where the flooring is installed, the large will be its cost. It may be a bit different for laminate floors. Installing laminate floors for smaller spaces may mean that there are a higher number of?panels to be reshaped,?trimmed, and mounted. The extra time it takes to do all these will add up to the total?labor and installation cost. It’s relatively cheaper to install laminate panels in big and?open because the method is going to be fast and simple because all?the panels installed will be of the?standard size. 

  1. Laminate type

The kind?of panels to be?used is yet?another factor that?influences?the price of laminate flooring installation. The panel’s price?relies?on the type of?tree they came from. Acacia panels are?the most affordable types while walnut panels are the most expensive. You have other choices as well, such as elm, maple, and oak, all with varying prices. Each panel has a?design of its own, as well as?tones that contribute to your?homes?distinctive feel. 

  1. Texture and finish 

Laminate panels may be?infused with different types of finishes and?textures to give your floor that authentic hardwood look. These finishes influence the price of laminate flooring installation. The popular textures available today include regular embossed, embossed in register, and hand scrapped. Regular embossed laminate panels are the cheapest while the embossed in register type is a bit more expensive compared to it. The hand scraped laminate panel is the most expensive option.  

  1. Labor cost

The expenses associated with?laminate panel installation?also include the labor cost for every square foot. The?price of labor?can range from $2 to $8 for every?square foot. It is usually easier to install laminate panels than any other kind?of floors. Most installers add?the cost laying foam into their total quote. Some charge this by the hour.