Some people would consider their Sunday as their only time to be spend to God. They believe that they should not work or do other things except going to church and pray for their Gods. Some might not have their own religion so they can’t understand the benefits of going to a church and praise the God. For some, it is their obligation or duty to the church to serve and make this day productive by serving the God. No matter if you are from Catholic, Christian or old tennent presbyterian church, it is necessary to pay respect to everyone. But for those people who don’t have their own beliefs about this kind of thing. It made them very curious of the benefits that it can give to those who are attending the worships every time. Here are the possible benefits that it can give to human beings.  


  1. A good companionship that you can get from others in the church. Some of them will call you brother and sister. We should consider that church is not only about a place where you can pray and praise the God. God will be very happy to see you making friends with others and try to spread the good words. It is a wonderful feeling to go to church where everyone that you meet will greet you and you knew that they are very nice and have one goal and mission like you.  
  2. Use the gift that the God gave you. It would be a good way to know if you can sing the worships phrases in your church or be able to look for something deeper than that. Maybe you could be a good listener to those people who needs ears to listen to their stories and problem and can give good advice. Or maybe, you could be that someone who can preach well and give the wonderful words of God into reality.  
  3. Attending masses would open your mind and thinking about the words in the bible and of course the preaches that you can hear from the pastor or priests. It would help you to realize that every challenge in your life, every failure you had have some meanings and purpose. Don’t be discouraged of the other side but make this one as your instrument to see the light and be successful to the journey that you are taking now.  
  4. Another benefit that you can get is that you can influence your kids to be a better version of himself or herself. It is about exploring them to the environment where they can still meet good people to teach and guide them. If you want them to feel the God you have, you need to show to them the way.  
  5. Not only to your kids but also to the people in your community. It is a good way to be an inspiration to everyone. Especially to those people who are down and suffering from serious problem and dilemma in life. It is a good way to share them some positive thoughts in life.